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The West Midlands Athletic Dog Academy (W.M.A.D.A.) has been founded by Dougie Weir and John Hodgetts.

Their belief is that dogs that are fit are also healthy dogs. Too many dogs are seen that are understimulated and unfit. Therefore, the WMADA will promote athletic activities to:

1) Exercise dogs.

2) Provide activities to develop the bond between dog and owner.

3) Show a positive light on dogs in difficult times where there is a growing anti dog lobby.

Both Dougie and John have a background in Bull breeds but see the Academy as benefiting any dogs regardless of breed that can run, jump or pull.

A variety of activities will be organised and details will be given on this website.

The WMADA website has a forum where interested parties can share their ideas. Both Dougie and John are receptive to any positive suggestions regarding the direction of the Academy